Balatonakarattya – Home


Balatonakarattya is the first town on the Northeast coast of Lake Balaton. Administratively it belongs to Balatonkenese. Balatonkenese and Balatonakarattya are the proud owners of “Magas Part” (Highcoast) where the landscape is truly remarkable. This is the eastern basin of the Lake, so coming from Budapest this is the first place from where one can see Balaton. Standing on the beach you have a beautiful view of the whole landscape: the hilly region of Balaton Uplands, the Tihany-peninsula and the gradually lowering hills of Balatonaliga.


The most famous monument of Balatonakarattya is the so called Rákóczi-tree. The memory of this tree is preserved in the Rákóczi Park. Our hostel is only 50m away from the Lido-beach and is easily approachable by car, bus, train and bike as well. The hostel is perfectly suitable for families, groups of friends and school classes.


akar003Hostel facilities:

  • five 4 dorm rooms (extra beds available)
  • TV
  • Well equiped kitchen with dining room
  • Communal bathrooms
  • A big pergola in the garden
  • Barbecue
  • Parking in front of the hostel



  • Thematic routes (Tátorján trail, cycling track around the Lake)
  • Balatonakarattya’s green area, the Rákóczi Park is a great place for leisure (playground, football pitch, basketball court)
  • Festivals
  • Parragh Arboretum, Soós-hill, Country House
  • Boat trips from Balatonkenese
  • Beach (50m from the hostel)